The International Museum of Women (I.M.O.W.) is a groundbreaking 21st century social change museum established with the mission of valuing the lives of women throughout the world. Through our global online exhibitions, I.M.O.W. addresses pressing issues affected women, in order to educate, create dialogue, build community and create social change.

I.M.O.W.'s most recent exhibition, Economica: Women and the Global Economy, features evocative multi-media slides and provocative opinion pieces which explore how the globalized economy and current financial crisis are affecting women's lives. Created to illuminate what is going on in different corners of the world, and why and what can be done to make things better, I.M.O.W. poses questions that do not have ready answers and offer alternatives that not only empower women, but also to transform the economy. Our newest project of Economica is a global juried photography show called Picturing Power & Potential, which features photography from around the world depicting women exercising their power as agents of change in the global economy.

The International Museum of Women invites you to contribute your own stories and thoughts to our exhibitions. We are currently accepting submission to Economica; visit our Call for Submissions to learn more! We look forward to participating with you in the creation of new ways to think that transport women's lives and the world.