Giving Children Hope (GCHope) is an organization comprised of many individuals who partner together to ensure that sustainable projects are implemented and the poor are served in ways that are dignifying. Many communities lack the necessary resources to work toward improved \ economic and daily conditions. By targeting this need, GCHope plays a role in promoting the implementation of supplies so communities are empowered  to reach those caught in hopelessness. It is our mission to alleviate poverty (domestically and abroad) through disaster relief, health and community development, vocational training and advocacy.
This diverse organization is privileged to partner with many other organ izations to address the needs of communities globally and locally. GCHope believes in working to eliminate poverty through holistic relief and development. GCHope supplies projects by taking surplus equipment and items normally discarded and sending them to where they are most needed. This in turn gives hospitals, clinics and orphanages resources to adequately meet the community’s need.
While we work with many large organizations, the majority of our partners are working in a single community to enable that community to receive what it needs most. We connect indigenous community leaders in need of resources with grassroots efforts around the world to secure and deliver needed supplies.
GCHope has been working towards supporting economic independence, encouraging entrepreneurship and improving the livelihood of families since 1993. We believe that anyone is able to serve others and we work to connect those with a passion to a project they can become a contributing part of.