Bye-Bye Brazil
Carlos Diegues’ classic film about the search for freedom across the Brazilian countryside.
Bossa Nova
Tales of modern romance in Rio de Janeiro. A delightful film with a sensual soundtrack of classic Bossa Nova.
Central Station
Walter Salles’ moving film about a teacher in Rio who takes a young orphan in search of his family across eastern Brazil .
City of God

This powerful film portrays the harsh realities of Rio’s infamous favelas. It chronicles drug wars and the brutal inhumanity that poverty gives birth to.

Four Days In September

Alan Arkin and Fernanda Torres star in the true story of young revolutionary students who kidnap the American ambassador to Brazil to protest political repression and torture by the military dictatorship in Brazil during the 1960’s and 70’s.

God Is Brazilian

God comes to northeastern Brazil in search of a saint and guides seemingly hopeless and misguided young people towards love.

The Hour of the Star

A young uneducated woman from northeastern Brazil moves to the slums of Sao Paulo in search of a better life.

The House of Sand
A beautiful film set in the state of Maranhao during the early twentieth century. Arguably one of the finest Brazilian films ever made