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ESL Resources

ESL & Teaching
Teaching resources on ESL / EFL and related fields, courtesy of
Phoebe's Teaching Tips
General ESL & Teaching
English Language Grammar Notes
International Connections
A directory of international organizations of interest to ESL and travel readers.
Government Information
An online listing of resources of interest to the ESL and travel reader provided by various governments around the world.
Visa Resources
Foreign Affairs Offices
ESLFocus editor's choices for alternative and pop music of interest to the ESL and travel reader. Browse here for tips and sources for world music.
North America
South America
Australia & Oceania
ESLFocus editor's choices for popular international films of interest to the ESL and travel reader. Browse here for tips and reviews.
A selection of library resources provided by ESLFocus for the ESL and travel reader.
ESLFocus Recommended TESOL Books and Media
Press Releases
Important information from everywhere, courtesy of a wide variety of organizations, businesses, and individuals related to ESL and travel.
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