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A selection of library resources provided by ESLFocus for the ESL and travel reader.
ESLFocus Recommended TESOL Books and Media

Africa Recommended Reading List

Africa Recommended Reading List 

Australasia Recommended Reading List

Australasia Recommended Reading ListSome interesting travel titles from "Down Under" 

Central America Recommended Reading List

Central America Recommended Reading ListSome interesting titles from Central America 

Central Asia Recommended Reading List

Central Asia Recommended Reading ListBooks from the mountains of Afganistan to the Steps of Southern Russia 

European Recommended Reading List

European Recommended Reading ListSome interesting titles from all over Europe 

Middle East Recommended Reading List

Middle East Recommended Reading ListSome books on the Middle East with very different focuses 

North America Recommended Reading List

North America Recommended Reading ListSome novels chronicling the USA and Canada. Looking at subjects from wide open spaces to immigrants dreams. 

South America Recomended Reading List

South America Recomended Reading ListBooks looking into the turbulent history and present of South America 

South East Asia Recommended Reading List

South East Asia Recommended Reading ListInteresting titles South East Asia 

Worldwide Recommended Reading List

Worldwide Recommended Reading ListBooks that span an entire world of literature. 
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