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Professional Development

Techniques for Eliciting

What is Eliciting? Synonyms: searching, drawing out, discovering, realizing, understanding. Eliciting is a technique used by the teacher during the lesson that involves the language learner in the process of discovering and understanding language. Anything in the lesson can be elicited: vocabulary... 

ESLFocus TESOL Training Series: Video 3: Designing A Vocabulary Lesson

If you are teaching specific vocabulary, sometimes the best lesson is the one you design yourself. Students often lack versatility when it comes ... 

ESLFocus TESOL Training Series: Video 2: Fun ESL Games to Teach Vocabulary

Using games is a different and exciting way to introduce new vocabulary, give your students opportunity to practice it, and get them to show you w... 

ESLFocus TESOL Training Video Series. Video 1: Eliciting and Concept Checking

Eliciting and Concept Checking are techniques used by the ESOL teacher during the lesson to involve the learner in the process of discovering and ... 
EFL Overseas

Teaching English in Scandinavia: Opportunities in Finland

Teaching English in Scandinavia: Opportunities in FinlandFinnish employers state a preference for EU passport holders, however, this should not be a deterrent as Finland has a reputation for being open to hiring North Americans, and is an exception among the continental Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, whose citizens speak English rath... 

The 10 Most Intriguing Places to Teach English Overseas

The 10 Most Intriguing Places to Teach English OverseasFollow travel writer and ESL teacher Caleb Powell around the world as he ranks his Top Ten Best Locations for teaching English overseas … from booming Brazil to sophisticated Italy and Japan to exotic Russia and United Arab Emirates to remote Mongolia… all have teaching experiences to consider. 

Teaching English in Italy: The Other Side of the Moneta

Teaching English in Italy: The Other Side of the MonetaThe corner bookstore is filled with books on the marvels of Italy, but it is important for teachers to be versed in the hard facts of teaching in Italy before embarking on their journey. Few countries conjure as many deep passions. With thousands of years of history, and over seventy-five percent of... 

Teaching English in Saudi Arabia

Teaching English in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia has a fascinating history, culture, and a myriad of beautiful landscapes; however, the Kingdom's rich heritage is not the primary attraction for ESL teachers, but rather salaries, travel allowances, generous vacation, and low cost of living combined with a manageable work load. For the... 

TESOL's CALL Interest Section announces its Call for Proposals for the Electronic Village Online 2010.

The CALL Interest Section of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc. (TESOL) offers language teachers world-wide the opportunity to participate in the Electronic Village Online (EVO), a professional development project and virtual extension of the TESOL 2010 Convention in Boston. Th... 

Professor Emeritus Regales Crowd, Discusses Assessment: H. Douglas Brown Traces TESOL History in Plenary Address

Warming up the crowd at the 40th annual mid-April annual CATESOL conference with examples of English “bloopers,” from the likes of politicians and newspapers, educator H. Douglas Brown shared a San Francisco Chronicle headline that read, “For molesting kids, man is sentenced to English lessons,” and... 

CATESOL.org: A TESOL Organization for California and Nevada

California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (CATESOL) www.catesol.org is an organization that offers support to Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages throughout California and Nevada in the USA. It was founded in 1969 and is a nonprofit organization open to anyone conc... 

How to Choose a TESOL Certificate Program

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL, or often called English as a Second Language, ESL) can be a highly rewarding career, offering you the opportunity to live and work abroad. There is also a strong industry in English language instruction here in the United States and in other En... 



How to Have an Amazing Week in San Francisco Without Breaking the Bank

How to Have an Amazing Week in San Francisco Without Breaking the BankTransworld Schools' teachers have compiled a list of San Francisco's top money-friendly attractions. How to see San Francisco on a budget! 

Studying English in the United States on a Budget

Studying English in the United States on a BudgetStudy in the heart of beautiful downtown San Francisco while staying on a budget! 

Transworld Schools: Studying English in the United States on a Budget

Transworld Schools: Studying English in the United States on a BudgetHow to learn English on a budget in the United States - at Transworld Schools in San Francisco, California. 

Top Twelve Must-Have Electronic Gadgets

Top Twelve Must-Have Electronic GadgetsPersonal computing, communication, and entertainment devices have become an indispensible part of modern life, certainly including the teaching and traveling lifestyle. Tens of thousands of these devices and accessories appear in the market so ESLFocus has narrowed down the choices to an even dozen... 

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah University of Science and TechnologyDespite its great influence on the energy that drives all of Western life, Saudi Arabia remains something of an enigma. The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), named after its benefactor, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, is an ambitious, multi-billion dollar, 36,000,000 square... 

Supreme Court To Hear Case on English in Schools

Supreme Court To Hear Case on English in SchoolsInstigating a debate sure to raise partisan hackles in a time of immigration rights controversy and immigration reform, Arizona now finds itself about to receive a ruling on the general issue of State's rights versus the federal mandate that state education must include English language training. A... 

Rosetta Stone Goes Public; Offering Up Nearly 40% in Two Days.

On April 15th of this year, Rosetta Stone went public with an IPO of some $115M. Today the Wall Street Journal reports that with a rise in price of 40%, the offering has become the second most successful such offering of the year. 



After It Came and Went

After It Came and WentAmong capitals in Brasil, Belem has one of the lowest percentages of green space per capita, although it is located at the entrance to the Amazon, which contains one-third the world's tropical rainforests. It was a challenging spectacle that took place in Belem, the ninth version of the World Socia... 

Thirteen Days in Southern India: Longitude's Uncaste Campaign

Thirteen Days in Southern India: Longitude's Uncaste CampaignIn a small, dusty village where the merciless sun cooks the land to a scorching 110 degrees by noon, I hear "Sister! Sister!" and see two grinning girls running up to me, their eyes shining and happy. Stretching their skinny arms out, they reach up for my hands and lead me away, carrying my cement-e... 

Around the World in 101 Days

Around the World in 101 DaysEarly on in my college career, the thought appealed to me. I could go to Europe and live in the same streets my great-grandparents grew up in. I could go to South America and finally conquer Spanish. I had too many notions of where to go and what to do. One day, sitting in an Art History lecture, I ... 

Duccio Nacci's Tuscany

Duccio Nacci's TuscanyDuccio Nacci, photographer, husband and father of three,was born and raised in the heart of Tuscany, in the gemstone town of San Gimignano which was founded as a village in the by the Etruscans in the third century. Perched on the top of a hill overlooking valleys below, postcard San Gimignano has b... 

Russia - The Golden Ring

Russia - The Golden RingFrom the Scheramitova airport, with the self-proclaimed taxi drivers noisily vying for passengers, to the potholed highway, causing our bus to swerve precariously into on-coming traffic as we headed 180 kilometers east, I was already taking mental notes that would eventually make it into my book. Ot... 

What Matters to David Elliott Cohen

What Matters to David Elliott CohenA three-year-old girl sits on a window-ledge at the battery-recycling shop where she works. Her eyes stare blankly at the camera, showing no hope or happiness. This is just one of the dozens of startling images in David Elliot Cohen’s new book “What Matters.”  

Tinariwen - Warriors with Guitars

Tinariwen - Warriors with GuitarsTinariwen -- meaning “Empty Spaces" in the Saharan Language of Tamashek -- hold the honor of being the first band of the Tuareg people to use electric guitars in their music and in their music they seek to stand up as the champions of their people against the injustices of the Malian government. 

Ken Losey's Chinese Diary: The Music Floats Up

Ken Losey's Chinese Diary: The Music Floats UpIt’s Friday morning. There was a full moon last night, just like the one that inspired me last summer, and the one on the night before I came to China. It's nice that there are a few things like the moon that seem to never change.  

From Khaleej Times and other publishers comes news that EF Education has found that China now leads India in English proficiency. 

46th Annual TESOL Convention in Philadelphia, March 28th to 31st.

Philadelphia hosts the 46th Annual TESOL Conference ‘A TESOL Declaration of Excellence’, from March 28th to 31st, with an expected turnout of more than 6,500 and with Miami-Dade public school superintendant, Alberto M. Carvahlo as the keynote speaker. 

Ken Losey's Chinese Diary: Joyous Pavilion

Ken Losey's Chinese Diary: Joyous PavilionI can’t believe I haven’t written anything on my blog for over a year. I suppose because I didn’t do as much traveling this year as I did last year. At the end of the spring semester I changed schools and had to move from one Beijing university to another. 

TESOL Conference Opens in New Orleans

The TESOL 2011 Annual Convention and Exhibit runs March 16-19 in New Orleans, and will surely be a dynamic convergence of TESOL professionals. This year’s theme, “Examining the ‘E’ in TESOL,” is going to be addressed in the conference’s plenary session, which will feature Thelma Meléndez with the U.... 
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