VIDEO - Tinariwen "Chet Boghasa"
Je suis le fils de la terre maternelle
Je suis l'enfant des douleurs éternelles
Je ne suis pas le seigneur du désert
Mais l'esclave des horizons nus
I am the son of the maternal ground
I am the child of eternal pain
I am not the lord of the desert
But the slave of naked horizons
From the poem 'Pas de Nom' ('No Name') by Issa Rhossey, a Touareg poet from the Aïr region.
Tinariwen -- meaning “Empty Spaces" in the Saharan Language of Tamashek -- hold the honor of being the first band of the Tuareg people to use electric guitars in their music and in their music they seek to stand up as the champions of their people against the injustices of the Malian government. The music is sung in a mixture of Tamashek and French and every word echoes of the vastness of the Sahara.
The song "Chet Boghassa", written by band member Alhousseïni Abdoulahi, is an equally haunting and meaningful tune about women living in the village of Boghassa and how it was retaken from the government of Mali. Tinariwen's new album “Aman Iman, Water is Life” is available from the link and includes some fantastic songs that take the listener straight to a sun drenched desert sunset.
For more information about the Tuareg (sometimes Touraeg) peoples and their struggle for independence please visit here. "Call Tinariwen a rock band, if you like. Guitar orchestra might be more accurate." —Slate