Designing a vocabulary lesson using synonyms and antonyms.

If you are teaching specific vocabulary, sometimes the best lesson is the one you design yourself. Students often lack versatility when it comes to their vocabulary choices so using synonyms and antonyms is a good way to get their ideas flowing.

Designing a vocabulary lesson around a topic or a theme using collocations.
I prefer to design vocabulary lessons around a topic or theme. This helps to tie the selection of words together and provides context, which better enables students to make connections between the words that they are learning. A 'collocation' is one or more words that go together and, for native English speakers, they just 'sound right (for example, we can say we are very pleased but not very delighted, we make a mistake but we do not do a mistake). It’s a good idea to use a brainstorming activity with your students to get them to come up with collocations that they can then use in a speaking or writing lesson. We have exploited this theme into a vocabulary lesson plan using the word 'heart'.