More than 6,500 people from the United States and all over the world are expected to attend the 46th annual TESOL Convention in Philadelphia, PA which kicks off March 28th and runs through March 31. A message from the Chair, Mashael Al-Hamly reads: “The 2012 convention’s theme is ‘A TESOL Declaration of Excellence’ The convention offers TESOLers the opportunity to declare their vision of excellence in all aspects of the profession.”
On the first day, Alberto M. Carvahlo will deliver his keynote address entitled: “In Pursuit of Excellence for All.” Carvahlo is the superintendent for the Miami-Dade Public School, the nation’s fourth largest school district, and 17% of which consists of ELL learners. Through his innovative programs he has successfully bridged the gap between ELLs and non-ELLs. He’s also received the Cervantes Outstanding Educator Award and has been acknowledged by the U. S. Department of Education as a leader in the New American High School Initiative.
Program highlights include:
  • Redesigning Teacher Education for the 21st Century. Presenter: MaryAnn Christison
  • Teaching and Learning in the Clouds. Presenter: Chris Penny
  • Another Way of Being an (Excellent) Language Teacher. Presenter: Scott Thornbury
  • Vocabulary Revisited. Presenter: Frances Boyd
  • Teaching Techniques for Non-English Major Students With Low English Levels. Presenter: Yoko Yuan